Testimonials for Reggie Purbrick

A tour with us is very special. Watkin’s Farm is the perfect base; comfortable, stylish and fun. Reggie’s knowledge, contacts and attention to detail give a tremendous insight into everything Kwa Zulu Natal has to offer. The whole experience leaves you feeling as if you have had a privileged and unique stay. Our boys and girls from Abberley Hall have all changed and developed as people as the result of touring with Reggie and for that we are all eternally grateful.

Nigel Richardson
Assistant Headmaster Extra-curricular, Abberley Hall, U.K.
(Veteran of five Tours)

I am sure when I look back on the fond memories of my childhood, Reggie’s South Africa Tour will be top of my list. It is a fabulous experience taking you to places one would only dream of such as Zingela and Rorke’s Drift with Reggie at the lead giving us an accurate and independent history of the area around. He cheered us on the sidelines, gave us drills for punishments and comforted us in times of despair. He is a great guy and one who inspired me in the short time I was with him. I hope our paths will cross again someday.

Rupert Kettle
12 Year old boy

I really enjoyed my school tour to South Africa and this is mainly because of our guide, Reggie. Funny he may be but he knows all you need to know about South Africa. Watkin’s Farm was super. His lake, though cold, was fabulous fun with all of his boats. To add to all of that the food was outstanding.

Annabel Mundy
12 Year old girl

I think it was great fun at Watkin’s Farm jumping into the lake, playing with his dog, Fudge and eating Rodney’s delicious food.. The events that Reggie organized were both fun and interesting. The trip was made more fun by his great personality and humour.

Joshua Dell
12 Year old boy

Watkin’s Farm is amazing and great fun. I loved the tour. It was extremely interesting and the best trip I have ever had.

Rebecca Wakefield
12 Year old girl

Reggie’s house, Watkin’s Farm was amazing especially the cooking of his chef, Rodney. The activities that we did were also amazing from swimming in his dam to playing with his dog, Fudge. It was insane!

George Barrell
12 Year old boy

I think Watkin’s Farm was great fun. The things we did were almost too numerous to mention from playing with Reggie’s dog, Fudge to jumping into the lake and playing in his boats. The food was great. I particularly enjoyed the banana cake that Rodney made.

Max Hickman
12 Year old boy

Reggie is an adult on the outside and a child on the inside. He talked with us, had fun with us and was a somewhat dramatic guide when it came to Isandlwana. In great detail he made you jump, made you cry and made you laugh all at once. He was there on the sideline cheering you on while you fought hard for the ball. The food was great and we had awesome fun in his dam or lounging around under the sun.

Melissa Dunn
12 Year old girl